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The Contiguous Zone as Ocean Frontier

Packing up my computer to head out the door en route to the ‘Ocean Frontiers’ workshop being held in Toronto later this week, I made one last news check and stumbled upon this piece in The New York Times about a niche group of trans-Mediterranean asylum seekers who travel in style, paying a premium above […]

New Coastal-Ocean Studies Posts in Germany and the UK

Three new ocean-related job adverts have across my desk in the past two days, so I thought this would be a good place to spread the word. Christian Albrechts University in Kiel has made a number of hires in coastal-marine studies over the past year and is ramping up its expertise in the social sciences […]

I (Don’t) Sea: On Ocean Invisibilities

I’m presently en route to what promises to be a truly inspiring week at UC-Irvine, where Liz DeLoughrey and Lisa Paravisini-Gebertis are leading a week-long interdisciplinary seminar of ocean theorists to workshop works-in-progress on how we think of, with, on, and about the ocean as well as its human and more-than-human ecologies. In the spirit […]

Volume, Depth, and the Ocean Discovery Xprize

Amidst calls for conceptualising the ocean’s depths not simply as a vertical metric but as liquid, dynamic, haptic volume, the newly announced Ocean Discovery Xprize competition is both exciting and disappointing.

Materiality and oceans…from a totally different angle

While I’ve long been interested in the materiality of the oceans and the ways in which this materiality is communicated and reproduced through both symbols and practices (e.g. maps, laws, etc.), to date I’ve never really thought about the materiality of the symbols that perform these laws. This recent video link from the New York […]

Sekula Symposium in Singapore

It’s a bit too much of a hike for me, but fellow followers and critics of Allan Sekula’s who are in the neighbourhood should consider heading to NTU in Singapore on 26 September to attend what looks like a fantastic day devoted to his work. The symposium accompanies an ongoing Sekula exhibit there. Thanks to […]

Wet Geographies panels at upcoming RGS meeting

There will be a veritable cascade of ‘Wet Geography’ panels at next week’s Royal Geographical Society meeting in Exeter. Over the course of three days, participants will be exploring our watery world from (at least) three different perspectives.