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‘A Wet World’ published on Society & Space open site; ‘Wet Ontologies’ made open-access

Kim’s green shoes: where ‘A Wet World’ begins

Complementing the recent publication of ‘Wet Ontologies, Fluid Spaces: Giving Depth to Volume through Oceanic Thinking’ in Environment and Planning D (Society & Space), a companion autoethnographic photo-essay, A Wet World: Rethinking Place, Territory, and Time’, has now been published on the Society & Space open site. Like ‘Wet Ontologies’, ‘A Wet World’ was written cooperatively with Kimberley Peters.

In ‘A Wet World’, Kim and I thread narratives of the oceans in our lives with photos of those oceans, as well as excerpts from the ‘Wet Ontologies’ article. We presented (performed?) ‘A Wet World’ at one of the Territory Beyond Terra sessions at last week’s AAG meeting in Chicago and it seemed to go over very well.

In recompense for our extra effort in producing ‘A Wet World’, the editors of Society & Space are making the formal article, ‘Wet Ontologies’, open access for one month (i.e. until 27 May 2015).


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