The Infosphere

My interest in the infosphere (the world of electronic communications including, but not restricted to, the Internet) stems directly from my work on ocean-space. Like the world-ocean, the infosphere is an arena that is rhetorically constructed as beyond society’s divisions, regulations, and mechanisms of spatial control. But, as is true with the world-ocean, this “a-social” construction is itself a social construct.

For my work on the infosphere, I have teamed up with Stephen McDowell of the Department of Communication at Florida State University and, more recently, also Tami Tomasello, in the School of Communication at East Carolina University.

Key publications in this area include:

  • Non-state governance and the internet: civil society and the ICANN (with Stephen McDowell; Info: The Journal of Policy, Regulation, and Strategy for Telecommunications Information and Media, 2001) | PDF (behind paywall)
  • Mutiny on the bandwidth: the semiotics of statehood in the internet domain name registries of Pitcairn Island and Niue (with Stephen McDowell; New Media & Society, 2003) | PDF (behind paywall)
  • Global communication and the post-statism of cyberspace: a spatial constructivist view (with Stephen McDowell; Review of International Political Economy, 2003) | PDF (behind paywall)
  • Managing the Infosphere: Governance, Technology, and Cultural Practice in Motion (with Stephen McDowell & Tami Tomasello; Temple University Press, 2008) | Website
  • Power and space in electronic communication (with Darren Purcell; in International Studies Encyclopedia, Wiley-Blackwell, 2010) | Website
  • Cooperative international approaches to network security: Understanding and assessing OECD and ITU efforts to promote shared cybersecurity (with Stephen McDowell & Zohen Nensey; in Cyberspace and International Relations, J.-F. Kremer & B. Müller, eds., Springer, 2014) | Website

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