Hegemony, Ideology, & Social Movements

As a former electoral campaign professional and community organizer, I retain a strong interest in the ideologies that drive social movements and the processes of hegemony (and counter-hegemony) that bind and fragment societies. To this end, I have contributed to a number of scholarly debates about the role of culture and ideology in politics, focusing in particular on the U.S.  Publications in this area include:

  • …And are the anti-statist movements our friends? commentary on Andrew Kirby’s Is the State Our Enemy? (Political Geography, 1997) | PDF (behind paywall)
  • Hegemony, identity, the particular, and the universal: comments on Joanne Sharp’s Condensing the Cold War (Geopolitics, 2003) | PDF (behind paywall)
  • Geopolitical seduction: review essay of Geopolitics by John Agnew and Irresistible Empire by Victoria de Grazia (Geopolitics, 2006) | PDF (behind paywall)

Most recently, I have been especially interested in libertarianism, a particularly American social movement that blends a quasi-anarchistic lionization of radical individualism with endorsement of unfettered capitalism, and I have researched the ways in which individuals seek to bring this ideology to fruition through the construction of island utopias.

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