Wet Geographies panels at upcoming RGS meeting

There will be a veritable cascade of ‘Wet Geography’ panels at next week’s Royal Geographical Society meeting in Exeter. Over the course of three days, participants will be exploring our watery world from (at least) three different perspectives.

Wet Geographies I (Under the Sea: Geographies of the Deep) is probably the most straightforward of the three sets of panels. It’s just one panel, but it will be a good one. Or at least I hope so, since that’s where I’m presenting. Building in part on the Wet Ontologies project that I’ve been publishing on with Kimberley Peters, the participants in this panel will be querying how the depth, mobility, darkness, and liquidity of the ocean can be applied to knowledge of the sea and beyond. The Wet Geographies I panel, at which Kim and I will be presenting our paper ‘Giving new depth to territory: reconfiguring volume through oceanic thinking’, will be held on Wednesday from 1110 – 1250.

Wet Geographies II (Water in the Anthropocene) takes a somewhat different tack, investigating the various ways in which water (including freshwater, floodwater, etc.) inserts itself into the spaces of human (and non-human) lives. There will be two Wet Geographies II paper sessions, both also on Wednesday, from 1440 – 1620 and from 1650 – 1830.

The third, and most extensive, component of Wet Geographies,Wet Geographies III, blends art and geography to interrogate watery livelihoods and land/seascapes. This begins on Wednesday at lunch time (1310 – 1425), with a screening of seven short films. The Wet Geographies III programme picks up again on Thursday at lunch time (1310 – 1425) with the performance group PIDGE delivering their performance-lecture ‘Still or Sparkling’. Wet Geographies III continues on Friday with a series of artist performance-talks (0900-1040) and a final panel discussion (1110 – 1250) where two presenters from each of the three sets of ‘Wet Geographies’ panels will explore what we’ve learned from three days of intense exposure to each others’ theoretical frames and forms of presentation. This will be followed up by a repeat film screening over lunch (1310-1425). Finally, throughout the entire conference there will be a drawing installation by artist Lynn Imperatore.

Confused? Overwhelmed? Here’s the day-by-day composite Wet Geographies schedule in a nutshell for Wednesday 2 September through Friday 4 September:

While part by chance and part by design, putting this in place has been a tremendous undertaking, and I think I can speak for every panelist, presenter, and exhibiter in thanking Veronica Vickery for piecing together the various Wet Geographies III elements as well as facilitating their integration with Wet Geographies I and II. Her Water-Worlds blog has more information on the art programme, including material from several of the artists who will be exhibiting or presenting at the RGS meeting.

3 comments on “Wet Geographies panels at upcoming RGS meeting

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    A hitchhiker’s guide to Wet Geographies at the RGS from Phil Steinberg!

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    Phil Steinberg outlines the ‘wet geographies’ sessions taking place at the RGS this year complete with a very helpful schedule! They all look great i’m looking forward to hearing such a diverse range of speakers. I’m also really looking forward to taking part in the roundtable discussion and to see the session that I co-organised with Cordelia Freeman on ‘geographies of the deep’ come together.

  3. […] together all the threads from the Wet Geographies sessions throughout the week. Chaired by Prof Phil Steinberg, Durham […]

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