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Maintaining the Art-Law Balance, Round III

A few years ago, I wrote two posts on this blog [here and here] about the tendency for my speaking engagements to come in pairs, allowing me to serially exercise my right-brain ‘art’ side and my left-brain ‘law’ side, all the while maintaining my geography ‘centre’. It seems like this pattern is continuing. On the […]

Sekula Symposium in Singapore

It’s a bit too much of a hike for me, but fellow followers and critics of Allan Sekula’s who are in the neighbourhood should consider heading to NTU in Singapore on 26 September to attend what looks like a fantastic day devoted to his work. The symposium accompanies an ongoing Sekula exhibit there. Thanks to […]

Wet Geographies panels at upcoming RGS meeting

There will be a veritable cascade of ‘Wet Geography’ panels at next week’s Royal Geographical Society meeting in Exeter. Over the course of three days, participants will be exploring our watery world from (at least) three different perspectives.

Triple Call-for-Papers for ‘Wet Geographies’ sessions at 2015 RGS-IBG

I’ve teamed up with Veronica Vickery of the University of Exeter and Falmouth University, along with a host of other watery colleagues, to present a series of three sessions on ‘Wet Geographies’ for the 2015 RGS-IBG meeting to be held in Exeter at the beginning of September.

2014/15: Publications for the new year

Since we’re entering the season of accounting for what you’ve done in the past year and planning for the next (sort of like REF, for those of you in the UK), now seems like a good time to call attention to publications of mine that have come out very recently or that are forthcoming in […]

Upcoming ‘Wet Ontologies’ articles & talks

Two articles from my ‘Wet Ontologies’ project, both co-authored with Kimberley Peters, are due for publication in the next month or two: ‘Wet Ontologies, Fluid Dynamics: Giving Depth to Volume through Oceanic Thinking’, which will be published in Environment and Planning D: Society & Space, and a companion paper, ‘Volume and Vision: Toward a Wet […]

Sekula, Space, and Protest: Reflections on the Ship of Empty Boxes

Sekula, Space, and Protest: Reflections on the Ship of Empty Boxes

I’m just back from a weekend in London that was a surprisingly coherent exploration into the intersections of art, politics, protest, mobility, and the ocean. The initial component – and the thing that brought me to London in the first place – was a symposium co-sponsored by Birkbeck College’s Institute for the Humanities, Birkbeck’s Institute […]