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Left Brain-Right Brain Calisthenics, Round II

A few weeks ago I wrote about my left brain-right brain tacking, simultaneously working on a law journal publication and one on film theory. That pales, however, before the week ahead of me. This Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll be at the Nottingham Contemporary’s Aquatopia exhibit. On Tuesday I’ll be giving a presentation associated with a viewing of The Forgotten Space, and then on Wednesday I’ll be leading a gallery walk-through there. Then this weekend I’m off to Singapore to participate in an International Boundaries Research Unit workshop on maritime boundary delimitation. Things could get really weird if I were to mix up PowerPoints and give the art presentation to the foreign ministry employees and international lawyers, or, for that matter, if I were to give the law presentation to the art crowd.

In between the two, I have a busy week of other activities that should give me a bit of balance, including participating in a workshop at the University of London’s Birkbeck College on International Relations, Capitalism, and the Sea and, once I get to Singapore, leading a seminar with the National University of Singapore’s Politics, Economies, and Space research cluster.

Should be an interesting couple of weeks.


One comment on “Left Brain-Right Brain Calisthenics, Round II

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