What Language Does Your Apple Speak?

My latest reflections on computing across borders, on the Royal Holloway Geopolitics & Security blog….

I’ve posted earlier on this blog about the banalities of sovereignty, with reference to the problems encountered wiring money to Greenland. Now, a few words on the banality of hegemony, and, in particular, linguistic hegemony.

One of the perks of my new job at Durham is that I’m getting to buy a new computer, something that I badly need because my current MacBook Pro is near the end of its life. Also, it’s technically the property of Florida State University (although I doubt that they’ll want me to send back a 3-year-old computer).

Looking at the Apple website to select the specifications for a new MacBook Air, I was faced with an identity question: US Keyboard or UK Keyboard? I’ve long since set my computer to default to British spellings (hence the British autocorrections that on occasion lead my friends in the US to rib me about having gone…

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