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‘A Wet World’ published on Society & Space open site; ‘Wet Ontologies’ made open-access

Complementing the recent publication of ‘Wet Ontologies, Fluid Spaces: Giving Depth to Volume through Oceanic Thinking’ in Environment and Planning D (Society & Space), a companion autoethnographic photo-essay, ‘A Wet World: Rethinking Place, Territory, and Time’, has now been published on the Society & Space open site. Like ‘Wet Ontologies’, ‘A Wet World’ was written […]

Jones Beach!

When flying into New York earlier this week, I was thrilled to find myself looking out the window at Long Island’s Jones Beach State Park. It so happens that Jones Beach, together with the seafronts at Aberystwyth and Tynemouth (along with the beaches of Lorain (Ohio), Santa Cruz (California), and St. George Island (Florida)) set […]

‘Of Water’ video posted

The video from the Of Water symposium held in December 2014 at Westminster University has now been posted online. At the symposium, chaired by David Deriu and hosted by the Westminster Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment’s Expanded Territories Research Group, Lorenzo Pezzani, Lindsay Bremner, and I discuss some of the ways in which […]

Wet Ontologies @ Goldsmiths

This Thursday, 5 February, I’ll be presenting an expanded version of the ‘Wet Ontologies’ work I’ve been writing on with Kimberley Peters. The talk will be part of the ‘Critical Environments’ lecture series sponsored by Goldsmiths Department of Visual Cultures. The talk is open to the public, and more details can be found at the […]

Triple Call-for-Papers for ‘Wet Geographies’ sessions at 2015 RGS-IBG

I’ve teamed up with Veronica Vickery of the University of Exeter and Falmouth University, along with a host of other watery colleagues, to present a series of three sessions on ‘Wet Geographies’ for the 2015 RGS-IBG meeting to be held in Exeter at the beginning of September.

‘Wet Matter’ Issue of Harvard Design Magazine Published

Harvard Design Magazine has just released its Fall/Winter 2014 issue on Wet Matter. I’ve only seen the parts that are available free on the website, but from these pieces, and from the table of contents, it looks like the issue is a major intervention that integrates a range of perspectives on the encountered materialities of […]

Upcoming ‘Wet Ontologies’ articles & talks

Two articles from my ‘Wet Ontologies’ project, both co-authored with Kimberley Peters, are due for publication in the next month or two: ‘Wet Ontologies, Fluid Dynamics: Giving Depth to Volume through Oceanic Thinking’, which will be published in Environment and Planning D: Society & Space, and a companion paper, ‘Volume and Vision: Toward a Wet […]