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The Contiguous Zone as Ocean Frontier

Packing up my computer to head out the door en route to the ‘Ocean Frontiers’ workshop being held in Toronto later this week, I made one last news check and stumbled upon this piece in The New York Times about a niche group of trans-Mediterranean asylum seekers who travel in style, paying a premium above […]

The Martian, Matt Damon, and Outer Space Law

A bit belatedly, after getting a number of ‘Does Matt Damon know what he’s talking about?’ emails, I finally got to see The Martian last night. Since it’s not fair that Klaus Dodds and Rachael Squire get to have all the fun analysing this month’s movies, I thought I’d take a stab at parsing the […]

Enchiladas, Danishes, and Donut Holes: A Different Kind of Arctic ‘Food Security’

[Denmark’s submission] doesn’t exercise self-restraint … a lot of people are surprised they went for the whole enchilada. – Michael Byers The media reactions to Denmark’s Arctic seabed filing with the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf have been predictable: Politicians and pundits have decried the potential for Denmark’s outrageous sea-grab to start […]

Thinking outside the Ice Cube

I’ve just posted a ‘reflections’ piece on the Ice Law Project blog, where I use the aims of the Ice Law Project to look back at testimony that I gave on Tuesday to the House of Lords Arctic Committee. In addition to interrogating the relationship between ice and politics, I consider some of the problems […]

New works published this week

Its been a good week for getting old projects out of the publishing houses and into the public domain. ‘Steering between Scylla and Charybdis’, in which I consider the Territorial Sea designation as an option for resolving the ongoing dispute over the Northwest Passage, has been published in the February 2014 issue of Ocean Development […]

Northwest Passage video from Arctic Circle conference posted

The video of my plenary lecture at the October 2013 Arctic Circle conference has now been posted. In this talk, I argue for the territorial sea option as a ‘middle route’ through the Northwest Passage. Notwithstanding Ambassador Hedberg’s introduction, I am proposing that the Northwest Passage be classified as Canada‘s territorial sea, not the US’. […]

Arctic Circle Roundup: Three Subtexts

I’m just back from Iceland, having attended the first Arctic Circle conference in Reykjavik and the affiliated Sixth Annual Polar Law Symposium in Akureyri. As conference planning proceeded, the latter sessions of the Polar Law Symposium got moved to Reykjavik and folded into the larger Arctic Circle meeting. And as things proceeded further, one of…