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The legal, the material, and the geophysical: a few reflections on the Warwick postgraduate political geography conference

Last week I spent two days at Warwick University for their annual postgraduate political geography conference. It was a brilliant experience which showcased the depth and breadth of research being undertaken in political geography at postgraduate level and beyond. The theme of the conference was ‘contested spaces’ and this was explored through five panel discussions,…

Upcoming ‘Wet Ontologies’ articles & talks

Two articles from my ‘Wet Ontologies’ project, both co-authored with Kimberley Peters, are due for publication in the next month or two: ‘Wet Ontologies, Fluid Dynamics: Giving Depth to Volume through Oceanic Thinking’, which will be published in Environment and Planning D: Society & Space, and a companion paper, ‘Volume and Vision: Toward a Wet […]

AAG Call for Papers: Territory beyond Terra

Together with Kimberley Peters and Elaine Stratford, I’m organising a session at next year’s Association of American Geographers meeting on ‘Territory beyond Terra’. For more information, see the Call-for-Papers.