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Two (almost) back-to-back Arctic meetings in Scotland

In what I assume is a coincidence, there’ll be two excellent conferences on Arctic themes in Scotland on back-to-back weekends in May-June. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it to either (it’s a bad time for me term-wise, and I’m working on two major grant proposals that are both due right about […]

Of Franklin, the Northwest Passage, Scotland, and Crimea

Its been a busy week for students of Arctic identity, what with all the noise surrounding Canada’s discovery of the remains of one of Sir John Franklin’s ships that went down in 1845 when seeking the Northwest Passage. Klaus Dodds has posted an insightful commentary on the political implications of the discovery (and the attention […]

Politomorphology of the post-Scotland United Kingdom

Politomorphology of the post-Scotland United Kingdom

In my capacity as Director of IBRU, I get lots of odd requests. Perhaps the strangest, though, was one that I received earlier this week from BBC Radio Belfast to appear live on BBC Belfast’s Evening Extra news programme. The topic that evening was whether a Scotland-free United Kingdom would have a funny shape. They […]

Mapping Scotland’s Waters

Stuart Elden has pointed to the somewhat unusual map that graces the cover of the Scottish government’s new report on land tenure issues in an independent Scotland. In this post I take up Stuart’s challenge to analyse the map in some detail.

The Politics of New Internet Domain Names

In a new post on TheConversation.com, I revisit an old research topic of mine: the political signification of internet domain names with reference to changing modalities of state territory: ================= Domain name expansion signals political shift of internet By Philip Steinberg, Durham University The International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has begun rolling out […]