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Sea Ice Publications….in press and more forthcoming

While sea ice has been an issue in almost all of my Arctic work and it’s at the core of the ICE LAW Project, it’s only now that a series of my pieces specifically on sea ice are finding their way to publication. Today sees the publication of my first piece in the sea ice […]

New Associate Editors at Political Geography

The new Political Geography editorial team for 2016 (and beyond?) is now in place. James Sidaway, Jo Sharp, and I will be joined by two new associate editors: Halvard Buhaug, from the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), and Fiona McConnell, from Oxford University.  Halvard and Fiona both currently serve on the journal’s editorial board and […]

Contesting the Arctic reviewed in Foreign Affairs

I was thrilled to find Contesting the Arctic profiled in a review essay in Foreign Affairs. To quote from the final paragraph: Contesting the Arctic is one of the most significant recent works of Arctic scholarship….By presenting and assessing how hundreds of individuals involved in Arctic policy formulation perceive the region, the book gives readers […]

Me and my predator….or how I had a near brush in the netherworld of shady publishing and lived to tell the tale

There’s been a lot written about the many changes that have been shaking up the academic publishing world, including the rise of ‘predatory journals’. Somewhere between vanity presses and Nigerian 419 scams, these journals have been established in the wake of the gold ‘open access’ movement to offer easy publication in a seemingly ‘international’ journal, […]

Political Geography seeks two new associate editors

Political Geography is seeking two new associate editors, to start in January 2016. Political Geography operates in a decentralized manner with each member of the editorial team having full responsibility for her or his queue. Therefore, after being assigned an article, associate editors are responsible for all aspects of manuscript processing, including selecting and recruiting […]

Contesting the Arctic now published

I’m delighted to announce that Contesting the Arctic: Politics and Imaginaries in the Circumpolar North is now published. The book was something of a writing experiment for myself and co-authors. Contesting the Arctic not only seeks to understand the Arctic region; it also seeks to bridge the divide between academic and journalistic writing. Relying extensively […]

Northwest Passage article now open-access

Taylor & Francis / Routledge, the publisher of Ocean Development & International Law, has informed me that my article ‘Steering between Scylla and Charybdis: The Northwest Passage as Territorial Sea’ was one of the journal’s three most downloaded articles in 2014 (it probably helped that it was published in the year’s first issue!). To publicise […]