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Volume, Depth, and the Ocean Discovery Xprize

Amidst calls for conceptualising the ocean’s depths not simply as a vertical metric but as liquid, dynamic, haptic volume, the newly announced Ocean Discovery Xprize competition is both exciting and disappointing.

Arctic seabed claims and the politics of mapping

Following up on my recent blogpost on Russia’s Arctic seabed claim, The Conversation has published a companion piece on some of the politics surrounding the IBRU Arctic map, its drawing, and its reception. The Conversation article integrates analysis of some of the recent (manufactured) controversy surrounding the Russian claim with reflections that I made earlier […]

On Russia’s Arctic seabed claim, media spin, and the perils of Hawaiian shirts

As has been reported throughout the media, earlier this week Russia made a revised filing with the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (CLCS), presenting evidence backing up its earlier claim that portions of the Arctic seabed are contiguous extensions of the Russian continent and should be considered part of Russia’s extended continental […]

The Glare of Ice: Thoughts on the new National Atlas of Canada

I’m two weeks behind in following up on this (I’ve been off presenting on Arctic architectures and wet ontologies), but I can’t let the new National Map of Canada, released 15 April 2015, pass by without a few thoughts. As has been widely reported (by the CBC, the Globe & Mail, and others), the national […]

Volume, Depth, and the (In)visibilities of Water

Volume, Depth, and the (In)visibilities of Water

Thanks to a retweet from Klaus Dodds, I recently read this blogpost by marine ecologist Jon Copley on seabed mapping. Copley’s central message is that the statistics that we continually see reproduced in the media about 95% of the seabed being ‘unexplored’ and about us knowing more about the surface of Mars than we do […]

Politomorphology of the post-Scotland United Kingdom

Politomorphology of the post-Scotland United Kingdom

In my capacity as Director of IBRU, I get lots of odd requests. Perhaps the strangest, though, was one that I received earlier this week from BBC Radio Belfast to appear live on BBC Belfast’s Evening Extra news programme. The topic that evening was whether a Scotland-free United Kingdom would have a funny shape. They […]