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Of Franklin, the Northwest Passage, Scotland, and Crimea

Its been a busy week for students of Arctic identity, what with all the noise surrounding Canada’s discovery of the remains of one of Sir John Franklin’s ships that went down in 1845 when seeking the Northwest Passage. Klaus Dodds has posted an insightful commentary on the political implications of the discovery (and the attention […]

On research, impact, and public relations in the ’empty’ north

Seeing one’s own research described in a news release is always an interesting experience. Sometimes it’s exciting, sometimes it’s confusing, sometimes it’s frustrating. In the end, though, by reflecting on the differences between how you understand your research and how others understand it, a lot can be learned about the cultures of research and research […]

New works published this week

Its been a good week for getting old projects out of the publishing houses and into the public domain. ‘Steering between Scylla and Charybdis’, in which I consider the Territorial Sea designation as an option for resolving the ongoing dispute over the Northwest Passage, has been published in the February 2014 issue of Ocean Development […]

Polar Record note on Kiruna published

A short research note reflecting on the May 2013 Arctic Council meeting in Kiruna, Sweden, has just been published in Polar Record. This piece, which I co-authored with Klaus Dodds, bypasses the events at  the meeting that attracted most attention — the admission of six new states as permanent observers and the deferral of a […]