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IBRU hiring fixed-term research associate

IBRU, Durham University’s Centre for Borders Research, will be hiring a new research associate, beginning 4 January 2016. The researcher will be expected to initiate her or his own research that broadly aligns with IBRU’s research mission, while also contributing to projects initiated by other academic staff associated with the Centre. For more details, see […]

Visualising the migrant ‘swarm’

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the ways in which our visualisations escape us, and this issue came to a head yesterday when students in my Critical Cartography seminar at Durham alerted me to an article in the Daily Mail on a new map visualising refugee flows to Europe. The interactive mapping tool, made […]

Maintaining the Art-Law Balance, Round III

A few years ago, I wrote two posts on this blog [here and here] about the tendency for my speaking engagements to come in pairs, allowing me to serially exercise my right-brain ‘art’ side and my left-brain ‘law’ side, all the while maintaining my geography ‘centre’. It seems like this pattern is continuing. On the […]

Arctic seabed claims and the politics of mapping

Following up on my recent blogpost on Russia’s Arctic seabed claim, The Conversation has published a companion piece on some of the politics surrounding the IBRU Arctic map, its drawing, and its reception. The Conversation article integrates analysis of some of the recent (manufactured) controversy surrounding the Russian claim with reflections that I made earlier […]

On Russia’s Arctic seabed claim, media spin, and the perils of Hawaiian shirts

As has been reported throughout the media, earlier this week Russia made a revised filing with the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (CLCS), presenting evidence backing up its earlier claim that portions of the Arctic seabed are contiguous extensions of the Russian continent and should be considered part of Russia’s extended continental […]

ICE LAW Update

I’m happy to announce that the Leverhulme Trust’s International Networks Programme has agreed fund a series of workshops, conferences and meetings to further the Project on Indeterminate and Changing Environments: Law, the Anthropocene, and the World (the ICE LAW Project), a project being organised by IBRU: Durham University’s Centre for Borders Research with the support […]

Ice Law Project goes online

Building on the Workshop on the Ice-Land-Water Interface that was held in Durham 19-21 June, IBRU: Durham University’s Centre for Borders Research, in cooperation with the UArctic Thematic Network on Arctic Law, announces the launch of the Ice Law Project website: http://icelawproject.org. In addition to containing an overview of the project’s aims and its various […]