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Anticipating Storms Ahead — Arctic Circle Report

Anticipating Storms Ahead — Arctic Circle Report

I’m at the 2nd annual Arctic Circle conference in Reykjavik, a combination trade show, diplomatic showcasing event, networking extravaganza, and academic conference that follows up on the 2013 meeting, which I reported on last year. If I learned one thing at yesterday’s plenary sessions it’s that the Arctic has nasty weather. I’m not just referring […]

Northwest Passage video from Arctic Circle conference posted

The video of my plenary lecture at the October 2013 Arctic Circle conference has now been posted. In this talk, I argue for the territorial sea option as a ‘middle route’ through the Northwest Passage. Notwithstanding Ambassador Hedberg’s introduction, I am proposing that the Northwest Passage be classified as Canada‘s territorial sea, not the US’. […]

Arctic Circle Roundup: Three Subtexts

I’m just back from Iceland, having attended the first Arctic Circle conference in Reykjavik and the affiliated Sixth Annual Polar Law Symposium in Akureyri. As conference planning proceeded, the latter sessions of the Polar Law Symposium got moved to Reykjavik and folded into the larger Arctic Circle meeting. And as things proceeded further, one of…