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Since beginning my career as a geographer, I have remained involved in environmental and geographic education, not just as a practitioner, but also as a researcher and as someone who contributes to geographic education pedagogy at all levels of schooling. I have worked on consultancies for local museums, educational institutes, and the U.S. Department of Education, as well as publishing research articles on geographic pedagogy, serving as lead academic consultant for a series of instructional geography videos, and producing a series of documentary case-study workbooks to complement human geography textbooks.

Key publications in this area include:

  • Political geography and the environment (Journal of Geography, 1997) | PDF (behind paywall)
  • Standard Deviants: Learn World Geography video/DVD series (Cerebellum Corp., 2000) | Website
  • Using the internet to integrate thematic and regional approaches to geographic education (with Andy Walter & Kathleen Sherman-Morris; The Professional Geographer, 2002) | PDF (behind paywall)
  • People in Places: A Documentary Case-Study Workbook (with Kathleen Sherman-Morris; Prentice Hall, 2005/2006) | Website

From 2010 through 2013, I was Associate Director of Florida State University’s Center for Environmental Media Production and Research, a research group that draws on a range of resources at Florida State — from the performing arts as well as communications/media studies and environmental studies — to produce and conduct research on the effectiveness of environmental media.  My work with CEMPR ranged from screenwriting and acting to research in environmental behavior studies, as well as general coordination and project management. An article based on CEMPR’s work is currently under review with Journal of Applied Communication Research.

The final area of education in which I have been active has been in interpreting (and being an active member of) the politics of academic publishing and university governance.  Publications in this area include:

  • Internationalism, hegemony, community, and the megaconference (ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies, 2009) | PDF (open access)
  • Lay activism and activist intentions in a faculty union: an exploratory study (with Jack Fiorito, Daniel Tope, Irene Padavic, & Caroline Murphy; Labor Studies Journal, 2011) | PDF (behind paywall)

In addition, in my editorial role with Political Geography, I have curated dialogues on open access publishing and the ethics of military-sponsored efforts to study indigenous peoples, as well as co-authoring a number of editorials in Political Geography on the politics of publishing. My interest in the politics of open access publishing has also led me to contribute to a discussion in Terra, the journal of the Geographical Society of Finland:

A revised version of this article has been published in the journal Publications:

For more on the Publications version, see my extensive blogpost on the article.

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