Seabed Governance

logoIt was the potential for mining in the deep seabed, beyond exclusive economic zones and outer continental shelves, that first sparked my interest in the ocean in the early 1990s. Since then, my interests in the ocean has covered a lot of ‘ground’ — from law to geopolitics to art to cartography to phenomenology. However, I remain fascinated by the legal, ethical, and environmental challenges of seabed mining.

For this reason, I was delighted when Anna-Katharina Hornidge asked me to lead the Seabed Resources working group of the European Union COST Action on Ocean Governance for Sustainability (OCEANGOV) that she leads, and I was equally delighted when my frequent collaborator, Kimberley Peters, agreed to join me in leading the working group.

My recent publications in this area include:

  • The ocean as frontier” (in International Social Science Journal, 2018) | PDF (behind paywall)
  • “Scientific rationale and international obligations for protection of active hydrothermal vent ecosystems from deep-sea Mmining” (with C. Van Dover et al., in Marine Policy, 2018) | PDF (open access)


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