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Marginal Sea-Ice Zone project announced within DurhamARCTIC

In an earlier post on this blog I announced the formation of DurhamARCTIC (the Durham Arctic Research Centre for Training and Interdisciplinary Collaboration), which is funding 15 new PhD students at Durham University. As an interdisciplinary programme, student recruitment cuts across a number of disciplinary cultures, from the natural science model, where academic staff design fully formed projects that they then ‘hire’ a student to carry out, to the model in the social sciences and humanities, where students are asked to submit their own proposals.

DurhamARCTIC expects to bring in some students who generate their own proposals and others who sign on to undertake research designed by their future supervisors, but it also likely will take on some through a middle route, where students develop research proposals that are designed to fit broad research trajectories that have been outlined by supervisory staff. To contribute to this latter category, Chris Stokes and I are recruiting students to propose research that falls under the topic, Measurement, Knowledge, and Regulation in the Marginal Sea-Ice Zone.”

Applications are due 2 February, so if you’re interested and have any questions, please contact me as soon as possible.


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