December is non-liquid ocean month

I’m convening two exciting ocean workshops this coming month, each of which, in very different ways, focuses on a non-liquid (or more-than-liquid) aspect of the ocean.

First, on 1 December the ICE LAW Project’s Territory subproject will be hosting a workshop on Territory, Law, and the Anthropocene. This workshop is being held at Warwick University and is being hosted by Territory subproject leader Stuart Elden.

Then, the following week, on 6-8 December at the University of Liverpool, Kimberley Peters and I will be running a workshop for early career researchers on seabed governance, focusing in particular on the opportunities that seabed governance debates provide for building bridges between science, policy, and advocacy. This is an effort of Working Group 3 (which Kim and I co-lead) of the EU COST Action on Ocean Governance.

3 comments on “December is non-liquid ocean month

  1. Will there be any workshops similar to these two held in the upcoming year? Kicking myself for not noticing these sooner.

    • Hi Hayley. ICE LAW will be having a few more small workshops over the next year, but I don’t have details yet regarding theme/date/place. We will be having a big final open-invitation conference in April 2019 in Durham, UK, so keep your eyes out for that. For notifications of ICE LAW news, follow us on Twitter (@icelawproject). Or send an email to Eris at eris.williams-reid@durham.ac.uk to get on our email list.

      If you’re referring more to the seabed science-policy conference, within the COST network (which goes on for another 2+ years) there will be further workshops (in seabed and in other areas) and further sessions focused on training early career researchers. However I doubt that there will be any more training sessions devoted specifically to the science-policy interface, and I’m just about certain that there won’t any more with this focus that revolve around the seabed. My best advice here is to subscribe to the COST newslettter (https://www.oceangov.eu/newsletter/) for updates and announcements [note that because this is funded by an EU grant most funding is only for people at European institutions].

      Hope that helps,

  2. Phil,
    Thank you for all of that helpful information. I’ll keep a look out for the 2019 conference and the twitter account for any upcoming workshops. I’m at an American university so thanks for the heads up about the COST network funding.


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