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Fishing for future legacies? The ‘Opening up’ the Central Arctic Ocean

New blogpost with Klaus Dodds and Berit Kristoffersen on fisheries in the Central Arctic Ocean…..out now on the Royal Holloway Geopolitics & Security website.

By Klaus Dodds, Berit Kristoffersen & Phil Steinberg


The Central Nordic Sea (Source: sciencenordic.com)

Last week, an open letter written by a group of scientists from around the world was released urging 10 international actors (five Arctic Ocean coastal states such as Canada, Russia and the United States and five extra-territorial parties including China, the European Union and Japan) to develop and implement an agreement on fisheries management for the Central Arctic Ocean (CAO).

The letter notes their collective hope that after several years of negotiation “a successful agreement, demonstrating their commitment to sound stewardship of the Arctic Ocean and peaceful international cooperation” should be possible. Such a commitment would appear to be the logical next step forward after the 2015 Oslo Declaration wherein the five Arctic Ocean coastal states stated that they would refrain from fishing in the high seas of the CAO. Their rationale was that there was…

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