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ICE LAW Project schedule for Spring/Summer 2017

logo copySince arriving at Durham in 2013, I’ve slowly been developing the core structure of The Project on Indeterminate and Changing Environments: Law, the Anthropocene, and the World (The ICE LAW Project). Thanks to a generous grant from the Leverhulme Trust as well as sponsorship from UArctic’s Thematic Network on Arctic Law, I am happy to announce a full schedule of workshops and presentation sessions for Spring/Summer 2017:

  • On 8 April, the ICE LAW Project’s Law Subproject will host a workshop in Rovaniemi, Finland on Laws and Regulations Currently Guiding Human Behaviour in Icy Environments. This workshop is being organised by Timo Koivurova and Kamrul Hussain (both of the University of Lapland) and brings together a range of local and invited speakers including Richard Caddell (Utrecht), Michael Byers (British Columbia), and Viatcheslav Gavrilov (Far Eastern Federal University).
  • On 20 April, the Migrations & Mobilities Subproject will join with the Company of Master Mariners of Canada to host a workshop in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Rethinking Perspectives on Arctic Issues in 2017. This workshop is being organised by Claudio Aporta, Leah Bevridge, and Aldo Chircop (all of Dalhousie University in Halifax) and Stephanie Kane (Indiana). A full programme will be announced soon.
  • On 11-12 May, the Resources Subproject will host a workshop in Durham, UK on Anticipating Abundance: Economizing the Arctic. The workshop is being organised by Gavin Bridge (Durham University) and speakers will include Dag Avango (KTH), Karen Hébert (Carleton), Kärg Kama (Oxford), Berit Kristoffersen (UiT), Magdalena Kuchler (Uppsala), Gisa Weszkalnys (London School of Economics), and Emma Wilson (ECW Energy).
  • On 12 May, the Territory Subproject will be joining with the University of Amsterdam’s ACCESS Europe Research Centre to host a workshop in Amsterdam on Territory in Indeterminate and Changing Environments. The workshop, which is being organised by Stuart Elden (Warwick), will feature papers and interventions by Johanne Bruun (Durham), Juliet Fall (Geneva), Moriel Ram (University College London), Isobel Roele (Queen Mary University London), and Rachael Squire (Royal Holloway University of London), as well as Luiza Bialiasiewicz, Marieke de Goede, and Darshan Vigneswaran (all from Amsterdam), and Stuart and myself.
  • The ICE LAW Project has proposed two sessions — one paper session and one discussion panel — at the International Congress of Arctic Sciences in Umeå, Sweden, 8-12 June. Confirmation of final programme is pending.
  • The ICE LAW Project is sponsoring one paper session at the Nordic Geographers Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, 18-21 June. Our session will be held in the 1415-1700 slot on 19 June and will feature paper presentations from Stuart Elden, Justiina Dahl, myself (presenting a paper jointly authored with Berit Kristoffersen and Kristen Shake, Johanne Bruun, Stephanie Kane (presenting a paper jointly authored with other members of the Mobilities & Migrations Subproject), and Aldo Chircop.

All of these forthcoming events come on top of a successful community meeting held in November 2016 by the Indigenous & Local Perspectives Subproject in Sand Point, Alaska, which focused on Local Engagement in Search and Rescue and was organised by Jessica Shadian (Akureyri) in cooperation with the Aleut International Association.

Although speakers’ lists for most of these workshops have been confirmed, all are open to the public (although the conference panels in Sweden require conference registration). Please contact the conference organiser if you’re interested in attending.


One comment on “ICE LAW Project schedule for Spring/Summer 2017

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    I mentioned the Territory sub-theme workshop earlier this week, but Phil Steinberg provides a roundup of all the spring/summer workshops of the wider ICE-LAW project.

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