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Contesting the Arctic reviewed in Foreign Affairs

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 16.07.09I was thrilled to find Contesting the Arctic profiled in a review essay in Foreign Affairs. To quote from the final paragraph:

Contesting the Arctic is one of the most significant recent works of Arctic scholarship….By presenting and assessing how hundreds of individuals involved in Arctic policy formulation perceive the region, the book gives readers unparalleled insight into its current state and future….The work is a must-read for those interested in the High North and international affairs generally.

I’m especially happy to see the book reaching beyond academic audiences. We worked hard at writing a book that, while rooted in academic research (complete with an NSF grant, so you know it was ‘real’ science), sought to speak to a broader audience of policy makers and would-be Arctic ‘contestants’.

In addition to the Foreign Affairs review, the book has been reviewed in the Danish newspaper Information (in Danish) and the Greenlandic news website Arctic Journal (in English), as well as the academic journal Polar Record (subscription required to get beyond first page). I look forward to reading further reviews in both academic and non-academic venues.


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