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Political Geography seeks two new associate editors


Political Geography is seeking two new associate editors, to start in January 2016.

Political Geography operates in a decentralized manner with each member of the editorial team having full responsibility for her or his queue. Therefore, after being assigned an article, associate editors are responsible for all aspects of manuscript processing, including selecting and recruiting referees, managing the revision process, making acceptance decisions, and, when necessary, facilitating communication between authors and Elsevier production and publishing staff. Typically, each associate editor will process between 40 and 50 articles per year, with about half of these going to publication. As a member of the editorial team, each associate editor will also be expected to work with other team members to chart the journal’s future direction as well as the conceptualization and organization of special issues, conference-based plenary lectures, and other activities that advance the journal’s standing and facilitate the publication and promotion of articles and associated online materials. In carrying out these duties, the associate editors will be expected to work closely with continuing members of the editorial team: James Sidaway (Associate Editor) and Jo Sharp (Reviews Editor), as well as myself (to be Editor-in-Chief).  Expertise in the different areas of political geography is a consideration in the appointment since the editorial team wishes to continue the broad methodological and thematic range that the journal has maintained for the past 35 years.

Political Geography has an international readership and covers a broad remit that overlaps with several cognate disciplines as well as with numerous subdisciplines of geography. Therefore, we will look especially favourably on associate editor candidates who have areas of expertise that go beyond those of the continuing editorial team. Some of the areas of expertise that we seek in associate editor candidates include:

  • Political-geographic research outside the English-language tradition;
  • Political science / international relations scholarship on peace and conflict (particularly using large-n data sets);
  • Political geography – cultural geography interfaces;
  • Political geography – political ecology interfaces;
  • Political theory and critical IR/security studies;
  • Electoral geography.

Editors are normally appointed for renewable three-year terms, with a modest stipend provided by Political Geography’s publisher, Elsevier.

If you are interested in applying for the position, please send your CV and a 1-2 page statement of interest no later than 30 June 2015 to Kay McArdle, the journal’s Publisher, at k.mcardle@elsevier.com. Letters of interest should include a summary of general research interests and specialisations, a discussion of your vision for the journal, and a statement of how you would meet some or all of the qualifications noted above.

Further information on the journal can be found at http://www.journals.elsevier.com/political-geography/.


One comment on “Political Geography seeks two new associate editors

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