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Two (almost) back-to-back Arctic meetings in Scotland

In what I assume is a coincidence, there’ll be two excellent conferences on Arctic themes in Scotland on back-to-back weekends in May-June. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it to either (it’s a bad time for me term-wise, and I’m working on two major grant proposals that are both due right about then). I suspect that there are only a few people out there besides me who have the combined interest in Arctic law and Arctic cultural studies that would make one want to attend both, but each looks fantastic, and I at least will have a very hard time deciding which one to attend if I can find time to attend one but not both.

The first is the European Union and the Arctic conference being held at the University of Dundee 29-30 May. I think the driving force behind this is Nengye Liu, a Marie Curie fellow at Dundee Law School, although it’s being done with extensive participation from the global Arctic law community. There’s plenty of participation from policy and EU studies people too. However the heart of this conference is Arctic law, and there will be particularly strong representation from the top names in Arctic legal scholarship and advocacy (I won’t pick favourites by naming names).

Continuing up the East Coast line (excuse me….the newly reprivatised/rebranded Virgin East Coast line, which is really run by Stagecoach) the following weekend (5-6 June) is the Arctic Air conference in Aberdeen. I’m assuming that the driving force behind this one is Marionne Cronin, who’s currently on a postdoc at Aberdeen continuing her work on the role of air in exploration and colonisation of the circumpolar north. Again, there are too many of my friends, colleagues, and heroes participating in this conference to name names, but the conference has a fantastic line-up bringing together some of the smartest people thinking about air with some of the smartest people thinking about the Arctic.


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