In the Oceans Room….

RGSOceansI’ve had an inspiring two weeks, first joining my colleague Noam Leshem, two PhD students, and 32 incredibly bright, eager, and engaged undergraduates on a week-long exploration of Territory & Geopolitics in Jerusalem. I came back with a tan, sleep deprivation, fantastic memories, a really tacky falafel refrigerator magnet (thanks for the gift, students), and rumours of a secret video of me dancing at an East Jerusalem shisha bar. After a day off, I dove into a two-day grant-writing marathon at the Royal Geographical Society, working with Kate Coddington and Kim Peters to launch the ‘Ungrounded Territories’ project. Much to our delight, the RGS assigned us to the ‘Oceans’ room. I think we enjoyed ourselves a bit too much — at least that was the message given to us by some of our neighbours, who were wishing that we’d be quieter when editing each other — but it was a wonderfully productive couple of days of camaraderie to cap a week of student-herding.


2 comments on “In the Oceans Room….

  1. […] land, liquid water, and ice, and that it’s not simply a ‘territory’ in the conventional, ‘grounded’ sense. As the news release accompanying the map notes, this is the first national map of Canada […]

  2. […] And the changing depiction of sea ice is matched by other innovations on the 2015 map that further construct Canada as a nation of land, liquid water, and ice, and that it’s not simply a “territory” in the conventional, “grounded” sense. […]

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