Contesting the Arctic now published

photoI’m delighted to announce that Contesting the Arctic: Politics and Imaginaries in the Circumpolar North is now published.

The book was something of a writing experiment for myself and co-authors. Contesting the Arctic not only seeks to understand the Arctic region; it also seeks to bridge the divide between academic and journalistic writing. Relying extensively on quotations from over 150 interviews, the book eschews the usual formal bibliographic references and footnotes, opting instead for a handful of explanatory endnotes and a concluding bibliographic essay. The result (we hope) is an engaging and accessible book that narrates the various ways in which Arctic residents and outsiders are imagining — and producing futures for — the region.

As the dust jacket text notes:

Contesting the Arctic provides a map of potential governance options for the Arctic, from those that would simply expand the state system to northern frontiers, to others that include multilateral governance and self-determination across state boundaries by indigenous peoples. The authors evaluate the ways in which stakeholders throughout the region are seeking to reproduce, modify, challenge — or simply disregard — the state-norms of contemporary global politics. They also examine how ongoing struggles over Arctic governance reflect and foreshadow underlying debates over the future of global political organization and consider the impact of the political transformations of the region upon the organization of space, economics and politics globally. The result is a major contribution to understanding the competing political futures of one of the pivotal regions of the contemporary world.”

Many thanks to all who participated on the research team: co-authors Jeremy Tasch and Hannes Gerhardt, contributing authors Adam Keul and Liz Nyman, foreword writer and interview collaborator Rob Shields, writing workshop facilitator Ron Doel, polar guru Klaus Dodds, interview assistants Mauro Caraccioli and Sandra Fabiano, transcription assistants Michael Husebo and Kelsey Ellis, and over 200 individuals who spoke with us over the course of our research.


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  2. It seems really interesting.

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