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‘Wet Matter’ Issue of Harvard Design Magazine Published

wet matter copyHarvard Design Magazine has just released its Fall/Winter 2014 issue on Wet Matter. I’ve only seen the parts that are available free on the website, but from these pieces, and from the table of contents, it looks like the issue is a major intervention that integrates a range of perspectives on the encountered materialities of wet spaces (both saltwater and freshwater). The articles and images are all packaged within the dazzingly beautiful production that is the Harvard Design Magazine. I’m eagerly waiting for my copy to arrive in the post.

Kimberley Peters and I have an article in it where we bounce our ‘Wet Ontologies‘ perspective against two oceanic absences: MH370 (the Malaysian airliner that disappeared in the Indian Ocean) and the lesser known case of the MV Lybov Orlova, a disabled Russian cruise ship that was lost at sea after its tow-line broke off the Atlantic coast of Canada. Our article sits alongside works by a stellar range of oceanic thinkers.

Nine of the 37 contributions to the special issue are available online for free on the issue’s website. For the others (including mine), you’ll need to pick up a copy at a quality news stand, book store, or art/architecture/design shop, or purchase a copy from the magazine’s distributor.


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