Reagan Redux; or Reagan, Re: Ducks — On the proposal to name a Ronald Reagan EEZ

Some thoughts on the proposal before the House of Representatives to name the U.S.’ EEZ after Ronald Reagan

Just when I thought that I understood all of the various ways in which the ocean has been perceived vis-à-vis state territory, I come across this little gem from the olde country: a bill to name the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone after Ronald Reagan (HR-553). The bill, sponsored by California Republican Darrell Issa, passed the House Natural Resources Committee on July 31 and is set to be taken up by the full House of Representatives this session.

As a story in The Hill notes, this is the latest in a series of efforts to name things in the U.S. after Reagan. In almost all cases, these are accompanied by an undercurrent of irony: What does it mean to associate the patron saint of small government with buildings, infrastructures, and – in this case – juridically-defined spaces that exist only because of governmental action and are maintained only through…

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