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Its been a good week for me on the article acceptance front. Apparently both the left and right sides of my brain have been chugging away.

On the left-brain side, my long-simmering article on the Northwest Passage — ‘Steering Between Scylla and Charybdis: The Northwest Passage as Territorial Sea’ — has been accepted by Ocean Development & International Law. This was a tough one to write. Although the lawyers whom I imagine make up about half of the journal’s readership will likely view it as free verse, for me I found it a real challenge to write in something like the mathematical proof-style of legal writing (‘having proved point A, I can now go on to consider point B, etc.’). Of course, I also submitted the piece with great trepidation because I was venturing into a technical discipline (law) in which I am admittedly self-taught. So, I’m delighted to have the piece accepted and look forward to its publication.

Turning to the right-brain, my chapter on ocean documentaries — ‘Non-Linearity in the Ocean Documentary’ — is well on the way toward acceptance in the edited volume Documenting International Relations. This book, which follows on a workshop in Copenhagen that I wrote about earlier, examines various ways in which documentary films shed light on international relations. Truth be told, I have about as much formal training in film theory as I have in law (that is, just about none), but somehow venturing into the technicalities of film theory was a bit less intimidating than doing the same for law.

Thirdly, and somewhere between the left and right brains, a short piece that I co-authored with Klaus Dodds — ‘The Arctic Council after Kiruna’ — was accepted for publication in Polar Record. Klaus may very well be the only other person in the world who swerves recklessly between polar geopolitics and film theory (see, for instance, his recent article on Frozen River), and it truly was a pleasure co-authoring with him.


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