imagesA few days ago, the British government released a set of documents relating to the Falklands/Malvinas War under the thirty-years rule, by which government documents are made public after thirty years. At the risk of supplanting the role of this blog’s (almost) official Falklands correspondent, Klaus Dodds, I’d like to reflect on these released documents as they have been reported in the media.

From a media studies angle, the contrast between BBC and Guardian coverage is fascinating. The main BBC story, ‘Falklands Telegrams Reveal UK Response to Invasion,’ focuses on military logistics amidst an unyielding war effort: ‘Mrs Thatcher was in no mood to compromise,’ the BBC reported, as she boldly stood down a phone call from President Reagan wherein he pressed for a diplomatic solution. The BBC story focuses on the efforts to secure troop transport via requisitioned cruise ships, the scrambles by diplomatic offices in…

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