In this post on the RHUL Geopolitics & Security blog I look at how the Israel Defense Forces’ media strategy uses new social media in some very old ways.

Around the critical security studies blogosphere, a lot of attention has turned to the interface between new social media and the practice of international relations. (For an example close to home, see the recent post on this blog on digital diplomacy.) So, I was intrigued when today’s Yahoo! News featured this story on the how the Israel Defense Forces is using social media to promote its cause.

What strikes me about a) the news story, b) how the news story was (apparently) placed, and c) the activities being reported in the story is that they are all so….well…20th century. Or maybe even 19th century. First, there’s the photo. If the IDF is trying to show that today’s Israeli military is hip and not your father’s (or, since it’s Israel, maybe your mother’s) military, this photo doesn’t do it. The guy looks like what he is: a young military officer…

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