Since Sloterdijk, spheres, and volumetrics seem to be all the rage on this blog (and elsewhere) these days, I want to put in a brief promotion for the Political Geography plenary Thursday afternoon at the coming Royal Geographical Society meeting, where Stuart Elden will be delivering a lecture titled ‘Secure the Volume’.  (The presentation of an earlier draft of this paper was blogged on this website in April.)  I’ve had the privilege of reading a draft of the RGS version, and it definitely will be of interest to this blog’s followers.  Stuart’s discussants will be Gavin Bridge and RHULGeopolitics webmaster Peter Adey, representing the downward and upward aspects of volumosity respectively.  The entire proceeding is being recorded and should be posted on the Political Geography website.

While we’re speaking of volumes, spheres, and state calculations, readers might be interested in this visualization that appears on the US Geological…

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